Why Price Matters?

Eagle Capistrano Tile in Sanborn Color Blend

For homeowners living in beautiful SWFL, hiring a roofing contractor for most people is a once in a lifetime experience. This is why pricing should not be a top priority when paying for a roof believe it or not. With your roof being the most important part of your house it is important to have the highest quality products available to protect your home from any weather occurrence. Not to mention you want to make sure to have a knowledgable Roofing Contractor that can install these materials the proper way and avoid any issues come rainy season where all roofs are tested equally by nature with some torrential downpours capable of dumping up to 2 feet of rain in just a few hours.

Shown in photo is Eagle Capistrano Tile in Sanborn Color Blend ~ Fort Myers,FL in the Southwind Preserve Community

Something you can ask your future Roofing Contractor would be for them to provide you with 5 home addresses that they have done in your area. This allows you to see the quality of work they provide and if you get lucky maybe the homeowner is outside walking the dog and you can ask “hey how did it go with your Roofing Contractor?” So paying too little is a BIG problem but an even BIGGER problem is paying too much and getting low grade material or even worse poor craftsmanship! One way to avoid this is to ask for the documents of the materials being used on the roof and compare them to what materials were documented in the permit package. These documents are called Florida Product Approvals but there are also documents called Notice of Acceptance forms which are allowed as well. The reason for this is because the county official inspecting the job will match the documents onsite to what is on your roof. If the bait and switch tactic is used you will never know unless an issue arises. ALL PERMITTING information is public records and accessible to anyone. One other thing to look out for is that the permitting information is all correct and matches your contract. Getting the most Value is what is most important when hiring a roofing contractor because it’s a Lifetime investment and one that you and your family will appreciate the most especially every June 1st when hurricane season begins in Florida.

“You can’t put a price on peace of mind come rain time”


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