Metal Roofing



It is no secret that the popularity of metal roofs are on the rise. In fact here at Durabilis Roofing INC it is safe to say that half of the roofs we do are metal. Standing Seam metal roofs (also known as hidden fastener roof systems.) provide tremendous benefits to homeowners willing to make the investment. Some of these benefits are energy efficiency, longer roof life, and low maintenance roofing system. Panels are available both in .26/.24 gauge.



Just like standing seam roofing systems, 5V crimp (exposed fasteners) panels can give homeowners some of the same benefits at a lower price point at the expense of some maintenance down the road. The maintenance will consist of replacing rubber washers and screws that with time will deteriorate under the Florida sun.


Why a metal roof? Metal roofs can last over 50 years without ever having any issues. Its important to note that there are several options when it comes to metal roofs. There are systems that have exposed fasteners and there are some with hidden fasteners. Panel widths vary from 12 inches wide up to 36 inches wide. Some panel types require regular maintenance due to fasteners being exposed to the elements. Below we will cover some of the metal roof options available and what to expect when purchasing a metal roof. Metal roofs are Class A fire rating.


This profile comes in 12 and 18 inch panel widths and is a hidden fastener system. This system can sustain 180mph + winds and are hail proof. Require little to almost no maintenance and come in a variety of colors. This system will give your house a modern look depending on the color you go with. They also have different rib heights giving you the options to change the look of your house.

Key features

  • Can be installed with solar panels.
  • Great option when spray foam insulation has been applied in the attic.
  • High reflectivity absorbing up to 70% less heat than shingle roofs.
  • Can last up to 50 years.
Tuff Rib / R- Panel

Tuff Rib / R- Panel

This panel is by far the widest panel available for residential roofs. Measuring 36 inches wide making this panel the most economical of all metal roofs because it requires less material and quicker installation. But just like the 5v panel this panel is an exposed fastener system which requires maintenance after a few years to prevent leaks and to keep the roof secured in place.

What is Oil Canning?

Oil canning is a visible waviness and distortion on the flat portion of the metal panel. This happens because of uneven pressure during the manufacturing process. By choosing your metal roof system with striations this will enhance the look of the panel and give it a very modern look. The striations basically stiffen the face of the panel preventing the panel from flexing essentially which causes the distortion.

Galvalume vs Galvanized

Galvalume is a type of steel roof coating made from aluminum, zinc, and silicon. Made mainly of 50% aluminum making it more resistant to corrosion. Galvanize is a zinc coating but looks very dull compared to galvalume.

Metal roof myths

  • Metal roofs do NOT interrupt cellphone service
  • Metal roofs are not typically noisy when its raining if you have this issue it could be an insulation problem.
  • Your roof will not get struct by lighting just because you have a metal roof. In fact 1/3 of all commercial roofs in the nation have metal roofs installed.
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