Durabilis Roofing 10 Step Proven Process

Durabilis 10 Step process

Step 1 (It’s your choice!) - Here’s where the excitement kicks in! Select your preferred color and consider adding any upgrades.

Step 2 (Signing Day) - With all the details settled, we document it and sign the agreement.

Step 3 (Permit Documents) - We guide you in completing the Notice of Commencement, a crucial document enabling us to obtain a roof permit.

Step 4 (Initial Payment) - At this stage, we’ll forward an invoice for the initial of three payments.

Step 5 (Demolition Day) - Today marks the commencement of removing your current roof and initiating the preparations for the new one.

Step 6 (Dry In Inspection.) - With the old roof removed and the new one prepared, a county inspector conducts the initial inspection.

Step 7 (Second Payment) - With the successful completion of the initial inspection, expect the second invoice. You’re now two-thirds paid.

Step 8 (Installation) - Let’s kick off the installation of your new roof!

Step 9 (Final Inspection) - We’ve completed your roof, and the county official will return for the final inspection.

Step 10 (Final Payment) - All tasks outlined in our contract are now finished. We trust you’ve had a positive experience and that your new roof brings you peace of mind!

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