Flat Roofing

Ever wonder why most commercial buildings have flat roofs? There are a number of factors such as that they are a lot less expensive to install when compared to a sloped/pitched roof. Buildings can me made a lot higher in the inside because the A/C units are mounted on the flat roof allowing for a higher ceiling. Flat roofs can be extremely energy efficient due to the insulation that sometimes is used. But the downfall of flat roofs is ponding issues and constant maintenance. There are tapered systems that can be engineered to improve drainage. Residential houses also come with the option of flat roofs in fact there’s already modern residential homes being built with commercial style flat roofs. There are a few type of materials for flat roofs such as rolled roofing, TPO, PVC and EPDM. There are also silicone coatings that can be applied over existing roof membranes to extend the life expectancy of the roof.

Key Features

  • Energy efficient with the proper insulation.
  • Solar panels can be installed on flat roofs.
  • Certain membranes can last 30-50 years.
  • Residential houses with flat roofs can covert this area to a patio.

Its worth mentioning that balconies are in fact built just like flat roofs and suffer from some of the same issues as flat roofs. If you have leaks coming from under the balcony this is a good indication that the balcony has to be redone we can also assist with this.

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